This site is an unofficial collection of information about the music of Titania, Angelmark and The Sensualists. Designed and maintained by Jeff Keibel, aka Fedge.

While this site is not the official web page of Titania, Angelmark or The Sensualists, it is kept up to date as an alternate information catalog. Launched in 1999 as a handy guide to the music of The Sensualists, this site has grown and expanded to cover the ongoing development of Titania and Angelmark.

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Be sure to visit the official site of Titania, their label called Resplendent and the band's longtime visual collaborator Lam Wong and his Design + Format graphic design company.

Resplendent is a label run by Michael Turner in Edmonton and Lam Wong in Vancouver. Primarily set up for the release of music by Titania and Angelmark, Turner and Wong are also interested in releasing the music of other musicians that they both enjoy.