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Site Updates

05.26.05 I put up the Elle Magazine Photos, as well as the articles from Elle and Cosmo.
05.14.05 Added photos from Cosmo, Arena, and Face Magazines. I also added pics from the London HHGTTG Premiere and more photos from the HHGTTG Movie, and I put up a Once Upon a Mattress Gallery with 1 photo.
03.01.05 Added photos from the Academy Awards.
02.20.05 Put up the article and photos from the March 05 Elle Girl. Also put up a HHGTTG Gallery with 9 pics.
11.09.04 Added a lot of articles. One for Eulogy, one for Elf, and one for Manic. Also added pics of the I Heart Huckabees premiere to the Thumbnail gallery.
11.05.04 More updates!
Added Eulogy photos
Added pics from the November 04 GQ
Added the article from the November 04 GQ
Updated the filmography
Updated the multimedia page and removed dead links
Added pics from Zo's September 29th appearance on Leno
Added some new fan made wallpaper
Updated the Out & About gallery with pics from Sundance 04, The Hollywood Film Festival, the I Heart Huckabees Premiere, the 04 Independent Spirit Awards, and the Mercedes-Benz Spring 2005 Fashion Week
10.31.04 My God, I can't believe it's been over a year since the last official update. Those of you who keep up with the message board know that my life has been crazy lately, but things have settled down and I'm looking to kick this site back into gear. I know that sounds good to you awesome fans who have still visited this dormant site. Thank you for your support! Anyway, updates:
Photos from the September 04 issue of Glamour
Screen caps from Sweet Friggin' Daisies
New photo from In Style magazine
New photo from Premiere magazine
New still and poster in the Eulogy gallery
Photo from U Daily Bulletin
Article from U Daily Bulletin
Article from Sci Fi Wire
Another article from Sci Fi Wire
10.10.03 Yay! I believe I have caught up on my articles for the time being. Today I added ones from Interview and Total Film. I'm looking for Angeleno if anyone has it and is willing to type it up for me, or send a scan my way!
10.10.03 I'm almost caught up on my articles. Today I added ones from Nylon, OM, British In Style, In Style, and yet another In Style.
10.08.03 Added articles from Vogue, Empire, Harper's Bazaar, In Style, Entertainment Weekly, and another Entertainment Weekly.
10.07.03 Added pics from In Style, British In Style, Nylon, and Entertainment Weekly. Added a poster to the Manic Gallery, pics and a poster to the Elf Gallery, and an autograph to the Autograph Gallery.
09.20.03 I added pics from Nylon Magazine's LA Issue Release Party in the Out & About Gallery. The entire site is now purdied up with the new design, and sorry about the article and ATRG delays. Last Saturday I turned 20 and then on Tuesday I got in a car crash! Good times, good times.
08.27.03 Woohoo! Look at me, all updating the site and stuff! Check it out:
Updated the Bio with Zo's new boyfriend's pic.
Added a promo photo to the Manic Gallery.
Added an Elf Gallery.
Added pics from Angeleno, Empire, Entertainment Weekly, and OM Magazines.
Added pics to the Autograph, Thumbnail, and Wallpaper Galleries
Added pics from The Hollywood Foreign Press Associations Annual Installation Luncheon, Jacqui Getty's a Diamond is Forever Halloween Party, Los Angeles Opera's Placido Domingo & Friends Concert & Gala, Re-Launch of the Pony Collection, and the 'The Right Stuff' Special DVD Release & 20th Anniversary Party to the Out & About Gallery.
I also changed the design on MOST of the site (some pages are still funky). Articles and pics from All the Real Girls will be coming next week!

03.09.03 Added articles from The Boston Globe, Long Beach Press, LA Times, and Venice Magazine. Also, photos from Feature, Venice, InterTopics, and Whatever We Do.

03.05.03 Added the photo and article from Spin magazine.

01.26.03 I added more stills to the All the Real Girls Gallery, as well as the film's trailer.

01.24.03 Even more Sundance 03 pics in the Out & About Gallery, plus stills from The Good Girl, and a review of All the Real Girls with some very nice things to say (especially about Zooey!).

01.22.03 More pics from Sundance 03 in the Out & About Gallery and a beautiful pic from a publication called The Eagle.

01.21.03 Alright, I'm FINALLY reporting on the updates I've made lately:

Update in the All the Real Girls Gallery
Update in the Autograph Gallery
Updated Zo's Filmography
Added photo and article from Mademoiselle magazine
Added an article from The Observer
Added 35 Buddy Icons
Added 5 photos from the Carousel of Hope Ball, 5 photos from the Gap Hi-Fi Campaign (including the only photos known of Zooey and Chris Kattan together!), 3 unknown event photos and TONS of pics from the 2003 Sundance Film Festival in the Out & About Gallery
Added the link to the official All the Real Girls webpage

11.20.02 Added 4 photos from the IFC Spirit Awards After Party to the Out & About Gallery and 1 photo to the Harper's Bazaar Gallery.

11.04.02 Added an article from IFC Rant Magazine.

11.03.02 Added a photo and article from the British Edition of Esquire Magazine. Also added the transcript from Zooey's Letterman Appearance.

11.02.02 Added an article from TV Guide Online and one from Ross Anthony's Hollywood Report Card. I also added Normal Girl and Zooey's character's last name from Abandon to the filmography. And I removed Man of War as it's beginning to look like Zo's involvement was just a rumor.

11.01.02 Some recent updates I might not have mentioned since I was busy moving the site over:
An article from
An article from Underground Online
HUGE HUGE HUGE updates in the Out & About Gallery with a related decline in Thumbnail Photos
Update in the Autograph Gallery
Update in the Abandon Gallery
Update in The Good Girl Gallery
New Message Board!

10.31.02 I'm wiping the slate clean as far as updates on here. Mostly because it's easier than updating all of the links that were on here. Nature has recently switched servers from Tripod to Fedge to bring you better service, less downtime, and NO ads. If you had your bookmarks set to, please change them to either or

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