Welcome to the world of Cuba! No, not the dictatorship country off the tip of Florida but rather a pair of musicians named Ashley Bates and Christopher Andrews. Faster than a blink of an eye the band was signed to the UK indie label 4AD in 1997, released a flood of DJ-only 12" singles, a few commercial singles and one stunning album called "Leap Of Faith" that combines a virtual plethora of styles to create a sound that is truly unique, truly Cuba. Then they vanished! No longer on 4AD by the dawn of the new millennium, the duo are continuing in their musical explorations and we'll be hearing from them again very soon.

For a detailed history of the band, please refer to Cuba's Biography page. Our Discography pages cover all the commercial releases plus the ultra rare promo items 4AD issued. A couple interesting MP3 files of Cuba songs are included on our Sounds page as well. The Press pages are a work in progress and will be revised with new articles from various music media sources as they are found.

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