The following are decent quality MP3 files exclusive to Cuba Website 1. They are intended for promotional purposes only and may not be redistributed, traded or sold without prior permission from 4AD Ltd.

This is the version that introduced the world to Cuba at the beginning of 1998. It is taken from the 4AD sampler CD "Anakin (1998 - A preview)" which was issued to promote the forthcoming releases on 4AD during the year of 1998 (Released with the catalog number TAD 8001 CD). You will not find it listed anywhere on the packaging because it was included as an unlisted bonus track following track 10 "Gazebo Tree" from Kristin Hersh.

"Hot Shit"
Another rare track that not many people have heard. Originally issued on the limited edition white label 12" vinyl CUBA 1 and given a digital version on the UK advance CD for the "Leap Of Faith" album. The advance CD came in a slim jewel case with the catalog number CAD 9009 CD, which ended up being used for a Lakuna 12" single. "Hot Shit" was dropped from the final version of the album (released as CAD 9014 and CAD 9014 CD) but it lives on here in all its glory.

"Leap Of Faith"
We all know that this title was recycled as the album's name but not many are aware that there actually is a song bearing the same name as well. Released as the B-side to the "Havana" single (BAD 8019 and BAD 8019 CD), "Leap Of Faith" is a smoldering epic of true Cuba proportions that deserves to be heard.