Welcome to the unofficial discography of the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based independent label founded by Juliana Hatfield. Finding early success with the Blake Babies when Hatfield was still just a teenager she has since gone on to her own successful solo career plus founding Some Girls (with former Blake Babies drummer Freda Love plus Heidi Gluck) among other musical collaborations. Hatfield began Ye Olde Records in 2002 as a way to self-release the five-song Epilogue EP from Blake Babies and has now adopted it as her preferred manner of releasing new material, free of outside influence from the record industry. In addition to releasing her own music, Hatfield has begun bringing other musicians on to the roster, notably Frank Smith. This site is an unofficial companion to the official Ye Olde Records site and aims to catalog all the releases Hatfield offers to the world via this interesting new and independently run imprint.
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