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august 30, 2016

august 30, 2016

Emerging from a decade-long hiatus, East Coast electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist, Sybarite, returns with Waver The Absolute. Following his lone, lush album on 4AD, Sybarite released the odd-and-ends collection, Cut Out Shape, before receding into his studio to focus on soundtrack and freelance work. In 2009 he formed the dream-pop duo, Bell Horses, with Jenny Owen Youngs, and released a leftfield cassette as Christian Hawkins in 2012. The long break from Hawkins’ Sybarite project seems to have done him some good, as Waver The Absolute is unquestionably his strongest and most cohesive work to date. The marriage of the electronic and the organic has been one that Hawkins has expertly manipulated since his days in the legendary Silver Apples in the late 1990s. On Waver The Absolute, he uses his Sybarite moniker to expand and explore that union in exhilarating and rewarding new ways.

The new album, Waver The Absolute, is released by Temporary Residence on October 14.

Pre-order the LP, CD and the limited LP/Loose Hold cassette bundle today (the exclusive cassette features additional songs from the album sessions).

Temporary Residence


octonovember 21, 2010

The new digital single from Norwegian multi-instrumentalist / singer-songwriter Silje Nes, 'Branches', was released a few weeks ago, and to celebrate she launched a remix competition.

As promised, the top five entrants now feature on an exclusive, free-to-download digital EP - which you can get HERE! This includes the "5 Leaves Mix" from Bell Horses' own Christian Hawkins (aka Sybarite).

"I am so happy for all the submissions that's come in for the branches remix competition," Silje comments, "and really enjoyed listening to all the different tracks that people have come up with. What I didn't enjoy so much was picking only five from the bunch - but here's my choice of five remixes that struck me, in different ways. Thank you everybody..."

october 28, 2010

Remixes have been commissioned of two This Loves Last Time songs from Bell Horses and the results are now ready to share with fans. Northsea, the alias of Stefano Guzzetti, has contributed a beat-friendly reinterpretation of album-opener Still Life while Inch-Time (aka Stefan Panczak) has delivered a dreamscaped version of Small Hours. You can download and enjoy these remixes free of charge as a gift from Bell Horses HERE for a limited time. The original versions of these songs can be heard on the This Loves Last Time album, available on CD, MP3 and FLAC right HERE.

In addition to the above remix goodness, the man behind Bell Horses and Sybarite, Christian Hawkins, has put together the first in a series of regular mix compilations. The first, the Autumn Mix, features an hour of tunes assembled by Hawkins, including music from CFCF, Seefeel, Mount Kimbie and Brian Eno among many others. You can stream or download the entire mix HERE.

Hawkins has, under the the Sybarite moniker, launched the official BandCamp page for all things Sybarite related. Already the new site features some must-hear samplings, including Sybarite remixes of songs by Inch-Time, The Antlers (as previously mentioned on this site) and Fat Cat recording artist Silje Nes. Keep an eye on the site for more advanced peeks into the world of Sybarite.

We hope you enjoy it all and, as always, thank you for your interest and support! It's much appreciated!

august 25, 2010

Listen to the new Sybarite remix of Atrophy by The Antlers. It's available as a free download for a limited time by following THIS LINK. Enjoy!

august 16, 2009

Bell Horses debut album is an experimentally inclined pop outing that leaves a mark well beyond it’s relatively short duration. These 8 songs work together to create a world of contrasts, both challenging and familiar, each song notably distinct from the last. The arrangements blend acoustic instruments (guitars, piano, strings, percussion) with synthetic textures and samples, vocals sit up front in the mix but then often double as instruments themselves. The subtle attention to detail reveals more with each listen. This Loves Last Time is a record about the infinite and the finite – things that cease to be but linger all the same.

The name Bell Horses is taken from a turn of the century children’s song about horses passing in the night, strung with bells so as not to collide. It’s an apt analogy for the working methods of the group whose members all live in different cities. Instrumental and vocals tracks were emailed back and forth taking the creative process on an indirect route. Various parts of the album were tracked in Brooklyn, Berlin & London – with the majority of the music being recorded, arranged & mixed by Xian Hawkins in a converted Victorian Church in Western Mass. This Loves Last Time succeeds as it becomes more than the sum of the individuals involved – all of whom have projects of their own.

Xian Hawkins records as Sybarite - making distinct & lauded electronica for a variety of labels - most notably 4AD, Temporary Residence & Ghostly International. Jenny Owen Youngs is a singer songwriter who signed to Nettwerk Records in 2006 and recently released her sophomore record, Transistor Failure, to critical acclaim. Also on the album is Alexander Ericson, contributing vocals to three of the tracks. He was the lead singer in Swedish alt-rock band The Northern Territories & has gone on to play with Alberta Cross (ATO) & make solo records under his own name.

Other participants include Michael Lerner, drummer for NYC band The Antlers (Frenchkiss), who adds additional percussion to the songs Still Life & The Comb. Classical string player Eve Boltax brought her considerable violin & viola talents to much of the album, while Dan Romer, Jenny’s chief collaborator on her own records, recorded & engineered all of her vocal contributions. This Loves Last Time was mastered by Denis Blackham (Brian Eno, Cocteau Twins) at Skye Mastering in Scotland.

UK artist Rick Myers designed the sleeve - he has done covers for the likes of Doves, Dinosaur Jr. & John Cale, among others. Photographs were taken by California artist Noele Lusano. The album is the first release on the band’s own Trysquare label.


1. Still Life
2. Small Hours
3. Headmess
4. Billowing
5. The Comb
6. Photograph
7. The Storm
8. Dust Of Us

CD release date:
OCTOBER 13, 2009

MP3 / FLAC release date:
AUGUST 11, 2009

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BRAND NEW 2016 ALBUM FROM SYBARITE on the Temporary Residence label, the official follow-up to 2002's Nonument album (4AD). ORDER HERE!

Bell Horses is a collaboration between Sybarite's Xian Hawkins and Jenny Owen Youngs. The album is titled This Loves Last Time on the Trysquare label.

'Ceiling Sky' from The Drift, featuring the amazing Sybarite remix, now out on CD, along with other previously vinyl-only songs from The Drift (out now).

Limited edition remix 12" from The Drift featuring remixes by Four Tet and Sybarite (the song 'Invisible Cities'). Available from Temporary Residence now!

Celebrate ten years of Brainwashed with 'Brainwaves', now available for mail order. Features the new Sybarite song called 'Walk Don't Run'.

Out October 10th from Temporary Residence is 'Cut Out Shape'. More details including a full tracklisting found in the Discography section.

The companion album to 'Cut Out Shape', exclusively available to purchasers of the CD and download versions. A rare, must-have item!

The first new music of 2006 from Sybarite - the song 'Sanctuary' on Ghostly International's new compilation 'Idol Tryouts 2', was released in March 2006.

'1980 Forward' is a collector's item CD celebrating 4AD's 25th Anniversary, featuring 'Scene Of The Crime' plus bands like Cocteau Twins and Pixies.

Brand new 7" from Brainwashed featuring 'Dolorous Echo' and 'The Mast', the first new Sybarite music of 2005. Order here, available now!

The 'Worsted Weight' album from Charles Atlas takes on a whole new dimension on 'Facribate', with an all-new remix from Sybarite, on Audraglint.

New from the French Arbouse Recordings label is 'Bucolique Vol. 2', a compilation featuring the brand new Sybarite track 'House Of Unbuilding'.

Celebrate 8 years of the Temporary Residence label with the 'Thank You' compilation, including Sybarite's 'Killing The Moonshine' (version).

autumn mix 2010
october 2010

October 28, 2010

Listen to and/or download the full mix compilation HERE.


Brian Eno
Strong Flashes Of Light

Mount Kimbie
Before I Move Off

Arthur Russell
This Is How We Walk On The Moon

African Head Charge
Throw It Away


The Alps
Crossing The Sands

King Crimson
Formentera Lady

Kemialleset Istavat
Khode Imann

Michael Galasso
Scene VI


Peter Gordon & Love Of Life Orchestra
Another Heartbreak

Ben Frost

Dimdeke Stare
Trapped Dervish

Gastr Del Sol

Tape & Bill Wells

Before & After Light


Stephan Mathieau
Prolog I Himmell

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