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june 14, 2022

Released under his own name, Last Year is a pandemic-birthed album from Christian Hawkins, aka Sybarite. The 14-song cassette is available via his own Here To Go imprint.

Also from Here To Go is the Hard Sleep project, described by Hawkins as "an exploration of texture and stretched-out space with melodies buried inside a pressure that doesn't let up".

As a gift for fans, Hawkins is sharing a 4-song live set from 2002 to celebrate that year's release of the Noument album on 4AD. Includes live versions of Secropia, Homegrown Cultures, Knot In The Wheel and The Mast.

july 23, 2017


Carta are one of the Saint Marie label's best bands, so it's fitting that Sybarite would remix a song from their new album The Sand Collector's Dream, due out on July 28.

If you pre-order the album direct from Sain Marie on either vinyl or download, you'll also get a bonus download of ten remixes of songs from the album including Sybarite plus these other worthy bands: Piano Magic, Roger O'Donnell of The Cure, Yellow6, Absent Without Leave, Remora and others.

Saint Marie Records

october 6, 2016


Emerging from a decade-long hiatus, East Coast electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist, Sybarite, returns with Waver The Absolute. Following his lone, lush album on 4AD, Sybarite released the odd-and-ends collection, Cut Out Shape, before receding into his studio to focus on soundtrack and freelance work. In 2009 he formed the dream-pop duo, Bell Horses, with Jenny Owen Youngs, and released a leftfield cassette as Christian Hawkins in 2012. The long break from Hawkins’ Sybarite project seems to have done him some good, as Waver The Absolute is unquestionably his strongest and most cohesive work to date. The marriage of the electronic and the organic has been one that Hawkins has expertly manipulated since his days in the legendary Silver Apples in the late 1990s. On Waver The Absolute, he uses his Sybarite moniker to expand and explore that union in exhilarating and rewarding new ways.

The new album, Waver The Absolute, is released by Temporary Residence on October 14.

Pre-order the LP, CD and the limited LP/Loose Hold cassette bundle today (the exclusive cassette features additional songs from the album sessions).

Temporary Residence


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BRAND NEW 2022 ALBUM FROM CHRISTIAN HAWKINS aka Sybarite. Order the 14-song limited edition cassette. Also available to download and stream via Bandcamp.

LIVE ALBUM FROM SYBARITE AVAILABLE NOW To mark the 20th anniversary of Sybarite's 4AD album Nonument enjoy this live album recorded in London in November 2002 for XFM.

2016 ALBUM FROM SYBARITE on the Temporary Residence label, the official follow-up to 2002's Nonument album (4AD). ORDER HERE!

Bell Horses is a collaboration between Sybarite's Xian Hawkins and Jenny Owen Youngs. The album is titled This Loves Last Time on the Trysquare label.

'Ceiling Sky' from The Drift, featuring the amazing Sybarite remix, now out on CD, along with other previously vinyl-only songs from The Drift (out now).

Limited edition remix 12" from The Drift featuring remixes by Four Tet and Sybarite (the song 'Invisible Cities'). Available from Temporary Residence now!

october 2016 mix

October 6, 2016

Listen to and/or download the full mix compilation HERE.

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