Edited by Scott Rubin, Sean Crespo and Mason Brown

Culled from the twenty-odd year archives from the National Lampoon vault, National Lampoon's Big Book of Love features a 1987 strip called "The Illustrated Classics: History Of Sex" from Shary Flenniken among other great slices of Lampoon classics from the past...

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National Lampoon's Big Book Of Love  
By Bob Levin

This 272-page prose hardcover expands upon Levin's popular history of the Air Pirates, originally serialized in two issues of The Comics Journal; a hilarious but scrupulously researched volume relating the suicidal but vastly entertaining attempt by the "Air Pirates" underground cartoonists' collective (fronted by Dan O'Neill with Shary Flenniken) to bring down Disney via deliberate copyright infringement.

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The Pirates And The Mouse: Disney's War Against The Counterculture  
Edited by and featuring illustrations by Shary Flenniken

A collection of comic stories, strips, and panels about Seattle by Seattleites. See what makes Seattle and surrounding environs the home-of-choice of Grunge-rock, Microsoft, Starbucks Coffee, Boeing, and those loveable spineless creatures called slugs.

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Seattle Laughs: Comic Stories About Seattle  
By Gavin Edwards
Illustrated by Shary Flenniken

Another hilarious collection of misunderstood lyrics from Edwards. Including
more than 250 misconstrued song lyrics and features ninety original drawings from Shary Flenniken!

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When a Man Loves a Walnut: And Even More Misheard Lyrics  
By Shary Flenniken

Seattle's Brownfield Press launched The Alternative Cartoonists Collector's Card Series. Each series will showcase three different artists, each contributing their own 12-card set. The series is edited by Michael Dowers of Starhead Comix and art directed by Jim Blanchard, inker of Peter Bagge's HATE and self-publisher and owner of Beef Eye Productions.

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Shary Flenniken's Wet Dreams: Dreams About Water And Other Moist Things