JUNE 2004

Ashley has been sighted working with Mojave 3's Rachel Goswell. Her debut solo EP titled "The Sleep Shelter" features Ashley on drums for the song "Stickin' With Grace". The five song EP is out now via 4AD (BAD 2404 CD).

APRIL 2002

Ash and I have been doing all sorts of different things over the past couple of years, the last being a tour with Gomez in the UK. We've got some new tunes that we tried out on that tour.

We aren't working together as such anymore, although we still hang out regularly. I'm working on my own album, and Ash will probably help out with the production on a couple of tracks, but it will primarily be just my thing. I have no idea if anyone will want to release it, but the early demos are sounding good, so we'll see...

- Christopher Andrews