Who are Clutter? This particular Clutter were a four-piece band from southern Ontario in Canada. I had the pleasure of getting to know the band and their music in the late 90s. As with many young bands, real life demands of paying bills and career aspirations entered into the picture. While Clutter may be on an extended hiatus, a batch of memorable live shows were staged and a simply wonderful debut album titled "Slingshot" was released by the band on their own McNasty label in 1998. The sweet harmony vocals and guitars of Vanessa Little and Yvette McCormick is the foundation of Clutter, the musical hook in your head that refuses to leave. Bass duties from Evan Cardwell and drumming handled by Brent Chevrette round out the group. Guitar power pop with female singers at its finest!

"Slingshot" tracklist (click on highlighted title for a sample MP3): On The Phone • She's Gonna Leave
Super Crush • Jupiter • Cake • All Too Familiar • Jasper • Leave Me Alone • Purple • Sugar Coma
UPDATE! May 23, 2003

Good news for Clutter fans: While Clutter may be no more, fear not! Vanessa has contacted me from Calgary to share some very good news... From the ashes of Clutter comes a new band called Situation Red. There is hope to have an album out this coming winter. The line up is the same as the most recent Clutter roll call except they now have Joel McCormick on bass (Yvette's brother). Great news or what?? More details to come as we get them! Thanks to Vanessa for the news!
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